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We take pride in our people and the unique way that we structure and work with our consultants. Every individual plays a critical role in delivering lasting results, and brings tremendous value to the companies that we work with.

We believe in quality over quantity which ultimately has a big impact on the relationships with our clients. We commit to you, our client, one hundred percent and we strive to give you the best results possible in the incredibly fast paced field environment of today’s well-site.

Our teams always include: seasoned experts with 30+ years of experience, savvy consultants with broad geological and Geo-Steering expertise, sharp and energetic graduates, a balanced mix of professionals to provide heavy data and analytic support to your reports.

Throughout the year, we like to feature different client teams to highlight our great people and the exciting work they are doing.

Business Fine Tuned Exactly To Your Needs

Responsibilities to Clients

Our Well-Site Geologists take pride in supervising every aspect of the drilling process for extracting crude oil and natural gas. They study and analyze cuttings from the oil and gas wells in order to direct the drilling, and identify the rock formation. They use specialized tests, rock-cutting data, wireline data, core samples and other measures to do this, analyzing and evaluating to inform the drilling process.

It is a high-pressure role, and Well-Site Geologists are liaising with Well-Site Leaders, Directional Drillers, MWD/LWD team, mud-loggers to ensure the drilling goes off without a hitch, as well as making sure that it follows the correct health and safety procedures.

Ultimately, it is the Well-Site Geologist’s responsibility to decide when drilling should be suspended or stopped. They also compile reports and striplogs of the drilling process, as well as a final well report. We work in:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Saskatchewan
  • Alaska

Services We offer

We Can Adapt Our Reports to Yours, we can do it all.

• Wellsite supervision & gas detection for vertical & horizontal wells
• Two man horizontal wellsite teams
• Graphics package
• Sample and core photography
• Petrographic sample logging & core analysis
• Operations management for multi-well projects

Apps / Programs

Software We Use

Geosteering is the science of maintaining a near horizontal well bore within a pre-defined often thin geological layer.

Geosteering can be divided into three sections: Planning stages, the build-up and landing section, and the horizontal section.


Wellsight Systems Inc.


GEOstrip Systems™


Trivision Geosystems Ltd.

MS Office

Mostly Excel and Word

Mogo Consulting Reports

Our reports include but not limited to 

• Geological Report
• Daily Progress Graph
• Well Profile Graphs
• Measured Depth Striplog
• True Vertical Depth Striplog
• Horizontal Measured Depth Striplog

For more details, contact us and we would be more than happy to share with you our geological reports and meet in person.


Health, Safety, and Environment 

MOGO Consulting is committed to the health and safety of all employees, contractors, clients, and the public to environmental protection. The goal of our Health and Safety Program is to have an accident free environment, protection from accidental loss, and a minimal impact on the environment.

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